Tuyển dụng Sale
Role: Marketing officer works with the marketing manager/director to identify, design, implement, and 
review/report on diverse marketing strategies on all media – word-of-mouth; online; email; face-to-face; 
sales role
1. Marketing (in cooperation and under the management of the Marketing Director/Manager)
 Assist in development of annual marketing plan for IMA
 Adhere to and develop IMA’s marketing guidelines for external communications
 Be responsible for execution of marketing strategy for market acquisition in Hanoi market according 
to school year strategy
 Manage/cooperate with graphic designer
 Assist in development of creative materials for marketing including but not limited to online 
advertising, flyers, posters, brochures and collateral materials targeted toward specific market 
sectors (corporate, general, exam prep, parents, students etc)
 Undertake market research in Hanoi/surrounding districts/other locations in Vietnam
 Create, control and improve communication tools
 Establish cooperative relations/partnerships with agents, media, education consultancies and 
relevant authorities to enhance or collaborate on marketing strategies
 Establish and run promotional activities such as road shows, stands at career/university events or 
other events to increase IMA’s brand awareness and recruit new students
 Plan and run IMA’s existing flyer distribution scheme – ensuring a targeted, high response campaign
 Develop IMA’s student contact database for email/text message marketing by integrating into face-
to-face marketing campaigns
 Supervise and develop IMA’s exisiting forum marketing campaign and associated online marketers
 Develop promotional offers, discount schemes, special offers, competitions etc
 Monitor, report on and help develop IMA’s online marketing – Google Ads, Facebook page, 
Facebook Ads
 Assist in developing and improving the online content – Facebook, blogspot (2 sites), ieltscnr.com
 Other tasks as and when required
2. Administration
 Be fully aware of the IMA system and attitude to students (student centred, supportive, focused on 
responding to student needs)
 Be fully aware of the course content in order to explain the benefits of the IMA courses to possible 
students/in marketing
 Taking care of office administration tasks
 Be aware of how to maintain the level test database, class enrolment spreadsheets, daily journals, 
student receipts, update/produce course detail handouts, maintaining Outlook contact database etc 
 Other duties which may arise
 Supporting reception and administration tasks at IMA
 Suggesting improvements to the existing systems
 Be aware of how to manage tuition fee collection including where to record and issue receipts
3. Team Work
 Assisting with the induction of new staff
 Identifying and sharing new/important information regarding students, courses and other 
developments (changes/developments at other centre’s) with other colleagues
 Deputising for the Managers when required
4. General attitudes
 Attend work on time
 Complete tasks to an appropriate point before leaving for the day
 Identify and communicate problems to appropriate staff/managers or resolve independently
 Take breaks in coordination with other staff
 Arrange holiday/time off in advance with responsible manager
 Maintain absolute confidentiality of IMA and its information
 Present a friendly and cooperative attitude at all times to clients and colleagues
 Maintain an organised and tidy work environment – both desk and computer files

About IMA

IMA is the small English training academy for adults and teenagers, the premier provider of English language instruction for individuals and corporate clients around the north of Vietnam. After nearly 10 years running, we are committed to helping Vietnamese students achieve their target in their needs, their personal as well as career plans for future.

* Why you should work with us? 
- Here in IMA, you could find it is a fun, dynamic, experienced, hard-working and friendly working environment that exceed students expectations every day. Our commitment to quality services and support continues to propel our growth and success. 
- IMA goal is to hire only qualified people for employment opportunities available whether having degrees or not having.
- IMA is always looking for talented people who have passions with what they love doing.

* We provide:
• Paid professional training and development
• Opportunities for promotion and career development
• A professional international working environment
• Committed colleagues.

* Benefit
• Competitive salary 
• Opportunities for advancement
• Professional, fun and exciting work environment
• Ample opportunities to speak and practice English.

(Source: www.IMAhanoi.edu.vn)